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Bio Boards is a registered trademark based in Porto, Portugal, focused on creating solutions for surf training performance equipment and skateboarding, but always concerned with general sports development. We are one of the pioneers of surfskate modality with a strong background in technological development.

Our long time exposure to the surf culture in Portugal allows us to be agile and understand the idea of surfskating at a deeper level.
Our main products so far and the most differentiated are the land surf skateboards, developed to replicate the sensation of surfing on land.

At our core, we embrace the necessity of being environmentally sustainable and respecting surf as a nature sport.
Our story started in 2013, and we have come a long way, with a journey full of adventure and ups and downs.

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Jan 2020

Testing Surf Skateboard with the Portuguese Surf Olympic Athletes
This was an extremely exciting opportunity, where we got to work with the Surf Olympic grooms of 2024. We worked with a small group of 16 year old athletes where we conducted multiple tests on row techniques, oxygen consumption, take offs, quality of pump technique (gaining speed with the wave motion) with Bio board skates. WATCH THE VIDEO


At Bio boards we are continuously on our toes working towards new creations to improve surf skate. After analyzing the surf skate technicalities from our team riders, we wanted to adapt to all urban terrains and the best way to do that was by adding our state of the art skate suspension. Its durability and adaptability was put to test through multiple simulations. After the first tests and drawings the prototypes proved to be a major success to our vision of best surf skate experience.


Trip to India

This was an exciting year for us, in South India where we built modular ramps for a locally popular surf school. We had the opportunity to immerse in a completely different culture and immediately felt a strong connection with the surfing community here. Only in India, can you find, in the same spot a mosque, a church, a temple and a surf spot.

The diversity is difficult to explain with words – the music the flavours and the smells. A trip to India added perspective in the way we view this sport and it was an overwhelming realisation to see that the joy of surfing is the same at a global level. If you would like to visit India (and we recommend it highly!) do get in touch and we can share many more stories with you.



Through our learnings from the Euro Tour we developed a new collection inspired by reptiles. We studied their evolution and duplicated their nature of emerging from the seas to land. We created 3 reptile models: The Draco (The Smallest – made to fit in compact spaces), The Basil (Runs on water- agile and quick) and The Camai (The Chameleon, used to adapt to different situations – the most polyvalent)



We performed a Roadshow across Europe to share the joy of surf skating with our skateboards. In 57 Days, we visited 18 Countries and 35 Cities! View our videos from the tour here.

Building our first Bowl

n early 2016, we had the pleasure of working with our dear friends from Gaia Surf House in Porto to build a fun surf skate bowl for the school, and like any project with friends it was a great experience!

2015 - Bio Boards 1.0

Official Launch

Bio Boards is officially born with its first collection of cork boards! Classified as a disruptive start up, we were incubated in UPTEC, the biggest technological center in Portugal and made our first footprint on the surf skate market. We made several connections in the market and increased the importance of surf skate as a training base for surfers.


This year was a turning point as we grew our intelligence by entering into a very important partnership. Ricardo Marques, the founder of Bio boards with a background in environmental engineering and development collaborated with Marcio Santos, a PhD in Surf biomechanics and a Master in Data acquisition systems development. The video below demonstrates the lab-tests and different types surf analysis we performed in order to identify and qualify the biomechanics of surfing. This union was perhaps the most important milestone of bio boards, since it took our development production to the next level.

We had the pleasure of meeting the legend of skating – Mr. Tony Hawk, we are huge fans!



We gained inspiration to take surf training to the next level after a surf season in Rio de Janeiro. We started to develop ideas of creating a way to train when the waves were not favorable. A new idea was born – A skateboard built exclusively to recreate surf on land!