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– Environmentally friendly risers, made from 100% wasted and recycled sneakers (EVA) ♻
– Due to EVA mechanical characteristics, Bio Boards risers provide excellent vibration reduction which results in an extremely smooth skate ride
– Universal fit: Old and new school holes
– Pack of 2 Units
– Thickness: 4,5mm
– Produced in Portugal

Risers are an essential part of skateboarding. They allow you to make your board feel more solid and dampen vibrations.

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Features section:

  • Increase your pop
  • Avoid wheelbite
  • Smooth landing
  • Less impact on your knees

Our eva pads, are made from recycled shoe soles, can be installed on any skateboard, street, cruise longboards, surfskate, e-skate

Customize your ride

Whether you're looking to remove wheel bite, reduce the vibration or just want to customize the look of your board, EVA risers are an easy way to do that.  Place them between the deck and truck.

Note: All our batches are made from whatever material we can find so every single batch has its own unique colour pattern. Its EVA recycled material makes each piece unique and may vary slightly.

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