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Your valuable tool for Surf Training.

Surfing is more than riding waves

When you're on the ocean, you spend a very small
session time actually standing on your board.

With Bio Board surfskates, you can do unlimited SURF CONDITIONING – by repetitively practicing your mechanical reactions, you’ll get the next level on quickly perceive & react when you’re on the sea.

For begginers surfers

If you’ve never surfed or skated before surfskating, it’s a great way to develop a feel for the balance and control that’s required.
Bio Boards surfskates are perfect to pratice your pump and turns technics till perfection.
On 1.5 hours on the ocean, we get approx. 8 waves for a 5 second per waves. With a surfskate, you can maximize all your time training your technics, accelerating your learning process.

For advanced surfers

Surfskating needs less physical fitness than surfing. Surfskating is the best way to keep your surf active, without compromising your recovery.
Surfskating gives you the opportunity to correct movements that you’re doing wrong. Film yourself to pick up poor positioning and repetitevely practice to transition to the water.
Even when you’re not close to the sea, ir the weather or waves conditions aren’t the best, Bio Boards surfskates will give you the closest to surfing experience to keep you going.

Learn the basics

Check out our tutorials for some training exercises


Backside turns

frontside turns

The Technologic Research

We keep testing and improving our surfskates for you.
Check out our latest tests.

surfskates tested by olympic surf team of portugal

This was an extremely exciting opportunity, where we got to work with the Surf Olympic grooms of 2024. We worked with a small group of 16 year old athletes where we conducted multiple tests on row techniques, oxygen consumption, take offs, quality of pump technique (gaining speed with the wave motion) with Bio Board surfskates.

These tests were highly beneficial in analysing our technology and movement of the model Lucky No. 7 and MOON, and gave us important insights on its functioning from high performing athletes.

Behind arranging access to this this humbling opportunity was our extremely qualified team member, Márcio Borgonovo-Santos.

Biomechanics of surfing behind the set up of three wheels

Behind the Ph.D. in Surf Biomechanics, we analyzed the take-off movement (Pop-Up maneuver) and surf maneuvers with inertial sensors.
We identify the better distance between trucks to distribute the Center of Pressure of the body on the surfskateboard.

The best position for the back foot and the size of the tail, providing a rotational pivot (requisite for special surf maneuvers). The special front truck has a calculated slope, to maintain the wheel aligned with the movement direction, at the same time maintains the freedom of movement.

These procedures results in better control and flow. After implement these changes, we analyzed our Bio Boards in Laboratory conditions with 3D Motion Capture System and validated our improvements.
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